Dog, Leader of the human pack

We often hear about a dog that has taken over the leadership, within a family. Nobody seams to be able to stand him up from the armchair and has the nasty habit to sleep in the bedroom. The dog pulls on the leash, goes everywhere he wants to. That dog demands things from us. He keeps on bitting us, barks and jumps all around in an annoying way. He tries to take our attention and wants us to do things for him, cuddle him, play or take him for a walk. He growls when  we enter his space or when we come close to his food or toy. That kind of dog states the case to everyone in the family that he runs the place. In some cases this attitude is a result of phobias or stress in this dog, but in any case it is the same problem.
In time and by leaving things as they are, not being able to recognise the signs the dog is giving to us, the situation gets worst  and worst. We own a disobedient dog that we cannot control and stand his attitude. In fact it is our attitude towards him that make things happen. It starts from the very first moment our dog comes into our house.
Unconditional love to a sweet little creature that just arrived in the family, is often the reason why we turn it into a little monster. Our beloved friend has to be taught how to behave at home. We are the ones that should set the limits and help him accept us as the kind leader who offers the food, the cuddle and play.
The golden rule is to never give in to any of his demands because then we are the one that obey his orders. He needs a cuddle. All right. Ignore his pressure on you to obey him, let him calm down. Then give him an order to obey and reward him with the cuddle. He wants to play the ball. Ask him to lay down and throw the ball so he can get it back to you. He wants to go for a walk. Ask him to sit, put him on the leash, go out of the door and let him follow you.
In other words, make him work to gain all the important things in his life. Create a routine for him. Be very precise of what you want from  your dog. Let him know that every good thing in his life comes from you. In that way you will have an exceptional relationship with your dog and either you and him will enjoy a happy life. You don’t need to use any kind of violence to define who the leader is. You would only loose your connection with your dog and most certainly create a dog with aggression and phobias.
A dog has no personal ambition to take the leadership in a humans society. In order to survive he must keep a balance in the pack. Its a part of his heritage. Within him is the element of survival. The dog needs a leader. When we fail to give stability and balance in our own pack, he takes over. The truth is that he is not really capable of dealing with a situation like that.
So get to know your dog. Train him and give him stability. Teach him how to be a part of our pack and know how to work and gain every good thing in his life. Show him love in a way he can handle. Be precise of what you want from him. You will find out that he is going to love you more for that.
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Dimosthenis Moumiadis
Professional Positive Dog Trainer

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